Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baking Practice Inspires New Jewelry Shop

I mentioned a few posts ago that my sister recently became engaged (yay ^-^) and that she and I have taken on the task of her wedding cake. Neither of us have ever taken any sort of baking or cake decorating course, but we figure if we practice a lot during her three year engagement we can pull it off (if not do it well) with what knowledge we have.

So today was gum paste day. She wants to put gum paste roses on her cake, which are a little difficult to do - especially to do nicely, so we're starting practicing now. We watched a couple tutorials, and this is what I came up with.

They aren't perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination, but next time I'll roll the gum paste a little thinner and stretch them out a little more. Regardless I was happy with it for a first try. Then I had the idea to make necklaces out of them! I think I will be opening up a shop that I will connect to my shop to sell non-gemstone jewelry so I can sell jewelry with these polymer clay roses :)

This is my first attempt at a polymer clay rose in plain old boring white:

Again, not stunning, but maybe after another 100 tries :P My new shop won't be opening for a while, but I'm very excited for when it does.