Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ring Day!

With only a couple days left of my "Engagment Sale" (read about it here) I've decided to ring crazy and make 7 more ring designs to add to the sale. Unfortunately 'Ring Day' was supposed to be almost a week ago, but my photography depends on the natural light coming in from my south facing window, and it's been raining every day between then and now. It was actually raining today, but the sun came out for about 5 minutes and I took all my pictures then.

Because of this inconvenience I'm designing a small studio like set up to take my pictures indoors and with artificial lighting so I can take pictures of my items regardless of the weather conditions and if it's 3:00 in the morning :) I'll be sure to list pictures of the contraption once I've finished making it, and report on whether or not it works well. I'm hoping to get all my supplies and have it finished this weekend.

Until then I will continue to use sunlight - whenever the sun decides to shine. This is a sneak peak at the rings I will be listing tonight. Enjoy! :)

925 sterling silver, peridot, amethyst

925 sterling silver and peridot

925 sterling silver and garnet

925 sterling silver and freshwater pearls

925 sterling silver and amethyst

925 sterling silver and citrine

925 sterling silver, citrine, and garnet