Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dealing with a Picky Eater

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in about a month - which is good, I have his present all picked out and everything. My only issue is that he doesn't like cake. I'd really like to make him a birthday cake, but I've tried - I can't find ANY kind of cake that he will eat.

People who know me - or have read some of my previous posts, know that I like to bake, and so NOT being able to make him a cake on his birthday kinda saddens me. I was going to settle for a rice crispy cake with sprinkles on it and candles (he like rice crispy cake) but I found something today that I like even better.

Brownies are stepping up in the world. They seem to no longer be the simple;

  1. open mix
  2. stir in eggs and water
  3. pour in pan
  4. bake for 10 minutes
  5. cool and serve

that they once were.

They even make these silicone "pans" now for making individual brownie squares so you don't have to cut up the brownie - they're already baked in their own separate pieces, and other very useful tools to help you make better brownies like different icing tools, and 'cookie cutters' that are specifically made for brownies.

my favorite though is this new way I found to make brownies more fancy looking with these new 'stencils' they make for brownies, and colored dusting sugar.

You take these special stencils that are specifically made for brownies (and I'm sure you could make your own) and lay them over your brownie cake (I don't know if you need to ice it first or not) and take their 'dusting sugar' and sprinkle it over top to get an image on your cake. I thought it was a really cute idea.

This is an example of the finished product. I think I may do something like this for my boyfriend, or maybe I'll just make a regular brownie and put sprinkles and candles on it :P either way.